Father Cunnigham (MBE)

St Ethelreda's Parish Church, Holborn, London 14 Ely Place, Holborn Circus, EC1N 6RY Tel: 020 7405 1061 Fax: 020 7405 7440

Fr. Peter Reynolds

St. Peter’s Presbytery, St. Peter’s St., Roath Cardiff CF24 3BA Contact Information: Tel. 029-20483394 Fax. 029-20451535 Website: http://www.stpeters-roath.co.uk

Father Hamson

Died 20/10/06

Father McCarthy, Father Casey

No longer alive.

Father Collins, Father Raynor

Still around.

Mr. Widlake (previously father)

Member of the Yahoo Group. http://www.rosmini.org/www.rosmini.org



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