Hall of Fame

Safari Rally

Ian Cornelius introduced the safari rallies and devised the rules and point scoring.


Ian Cornelius received the cuts three times on his 8th birthday.

Francis Schott transferred from the international school in Dar to get some discipline received the cuts 29 times in his first term.

Lowest Marks

Ian Cornelius in his first term achieved 0/50 at half-term exam and a token 5/100 at the end of term exam for Scripture. His report reads: "he will have to realise he has come here to do some work"

Pigs' Table

Jan Ooms at Kit's invitation was the first boy on the Pig's Table and was possibly its most frequent visitor. (His wife says that he has not improved)

Guava Raids

Jan Ooms was the most proficient and obsessive guava raider and was never caught despite writing about his exploits in his letters.



School Dictionary

Bad Eggs - a game often played after breakfast before classes that involved numbers and throwing tennis balls at the gluteus maximus (the most abused part of the body).

Battle Hill - a hill below the bottom fields among the eucalyptus and custard apple trees we played a game where some boys caught others. The prisoners were freed if they were tigged by those swift and cunning enough to evade capture. The game was called Relievo.

Bazooka - favourite bubble gum not allowed.

Bomb - you received one of these in your French exercise book if you did not perform satisfactorily in your French prep. The exercise books were delivered to Father Collins after prep and collected the following morning after breakfast from his window sill. The bombs were exchangeable for the cuts.

British Bulldogs - another game played on the field after breakfast whereby boys ran from one side to another trying to avoid getting lifted from the ground by other boys in the middle.

Cato or Carto - Father McCarthy.

C.E. - Common Entrance Examination or the end of the road.

Cuthbert - Father Cunningham.

Crazy Cow - Father Casey.

Cuts - the effect of a supple stick striking the gluteus maximus region of a boy's anatomy. These were freely given as punishment or for fun.

Danish Longball - a game that was played which no one can remember the rules of.

Disprin - the cure all medicine given to most of those in the long line for sick bay after breakfast.

Dubs - bogs or toilets.

First Rock - the mountain that hung precariously over the school and has still not fallen down yet.

Fizzy (pl. fizzies) - a sort of tablet which when immersed in water created a coloured fizzy flavoured drink.

Fereji - the stream that flowed down past the playroom into a series of ponds and which provided endless hours of fun building elaborate clay dams.

Flicks - pictures, films, or movies.

Form - equivalent to a class and there were 6 of them.

French Cricket - played with a cricket bat and tennis ball.

Frogs' Eggs - was this not tapioca pudding?

Guava Raiding - an activity undertaken by the brave and foolhardy to supplement their diet, usually at night and usually starting from the art room or play room. Living stumps of the 2 guava trees above the refectory are still there. The other tree was behind the dubs near the senior dorm.

Grub - stuff that entered the digestive system via the mouth.

Half-term - a day and a half which saved many of us from starvation and when we saw our parents.

Hot Rice - another game.

Jacari bat - a sort of table tennis bat that replaced the cuts around 1967/8.

Karimjee’s - remember the lake and peacocks? Now Maweni Farm.

Killer - a term used in a game of marbles for a marble that had visited the required number of holes and was therefore upgraded into one that could eliminate the lives of others (marbles that is).

Kit - Father Cunningham.

Master - an adult who had to be addressed as Sir and who could be recognised by his white cassock, muttering words in Latin while fingering a string of beads behind his back.

Matron - a rare female in the establishment who provided sympathy, malt extract, disprin, and, if one was lucky enough, room and board away from classes, exercises, dorm, and ref grub.

Note - a scribbled instruction on a piece of paper usually to Popbelly for the bearer to receive his punishment on his backside.

Nyabs - game of marbles.

Penance - a punishment.

Pigs' Table - an idea of Kit Cunningham for the refectory so that boys he did not like could not get seconds. There were usually 10 to the table and the longest serving could only get off when a recruit could be found (which was, fortunately, quite frequent). Table manners and talking too loud were the usual reasons for being sent to the pigs' table. Talking was not allowed on this special table so we invented an alphabetic hand language to communicate.

Playroom - used to be the church but became the room we had bible reading in the mornings in lieu of church (before breakfast), played after supper, watched flicks, and it contained table tennis and lockers.

Popbelly - Brother Rayner.

Prep - after showers and before supper we went back to the forms and did homework.

P.T. - physical torture.

Ref or refectory - the building where we ate our grub. Yum Yum.

Relievo - the game played on Battle Hill.

Saba Saba - Sports Day on 7th July.

Safari Rally - a competition with elaborate rules for pulling Dinky cars around for hours by a piece of string and costing a lot of sweets for the privilege of doing so.

Second Rock - another mountain which was the destination for longer walks.

Siafu - who can forget the killer ants?

Swot - a term associated with studious behaviour.

Sugar Daddy - toffee on a stick.

Tanganyika Mud - one of Mrs Scheel’s specialities - a sort of dark chocolate pudding.

Tom - Father McCarthy.

Walk - an exercise activity with a particular destination and, more often than not, pursued at a run along paths linking shambas and villages.


Bill dated 8 Dec 1964 for fees

(This will buy you a bottle of beer in Tanzania now.)

School Life

This is part of a letter that J.Ooms wrote (in a sort of italic writing) to his sister at Lushoto school on 8/2/67.

“Well I will tell you what we do on Monday. Tuesday. Thursday. Friday. First we get up and go for a shower or wash then we get up and get dressed after, we go to church. Then we make our beds then we go for breakfast, after breakfast we have time to do some work or play then we have 3 classes and then break and then another 3 classes and then lunch, after, we have rest and then another two classes and then Tea and then P.T. Then showers, after showers, we have prep after prep we have supper and then we have some more time to learn or play then we go to church and then we go to bed. That’s all. I’ve had the cuts again for French. Tell you more at half Term got to hurry.”

(Wednesday afternoons we had exercises instead of classes)

(Did anyone else get taught punctuation?)

Outfit List


Each boy should be provided with Shs 15 or Shs 20 per term for pocket money.

(Copied accurately from faded 1964 parchment)