Names will read from left to right, and from back to the front.

No 1 (from Nigel Rayner) 1963?

? , ?, Edward Fitz-Gerald, Michael Longshaw, Rennie Hoare, O'Connel
Leighfield?, Lynch, Donald MacFarlane, Armstrong, Johnston

No 2 (from Nigel Rayner) Czurn's swimming pool
No 3 (from Nigel Rayner)
No 4 (from Nigel Rayner)
No 5 (from Nigel Rayner)
No 6 (from Nigel Rayner)

Rick Trappe, Nigel Rayner, ?, ?,

No 7 (from Nigel Rayner)
No 8 (from Nigel Rayner)
No 9 (from website www.vonprince.com)
No 10 (from Dieter Czurn) July 2003
No 11 (from Paul Quinn) Form 1V 1966

Michael Sampson and Rick Trappe at back. Next row from back left to right O'Connel Rennie Hoare, Simeonides, Ogilvie?, David von Zastrow, Williamson, Allan Knapton?. Next row down - Clive King, Johnston, Edward Fitzgerald, Donald MacFarlane, Ash. 3 in the middle - Anthony Young, Nick Fletcher, Seamus Brice-Bennet, and Paul Quinn on right. Front 4 - ?, Barry O'Toole, Jan Ooms, Michael Cowley. The 2 on the sides in front - Michael Crowhurst & ?

No 12 (from Jan Ooms) Form 111 1964

Allan O'Connel, Edward Fitzgerald, Benjamin Allen, Donald MacFarlane, Jan Ooms, David von Zastrow, Michael Longshaw, Clive King, Malik?, Clive Williamson, Anthony Young, Simeonides. Front - Richard Trappe, Armstrong, Lynch, Chapman, Mark Grieveson, Chapman, Johnston, Seamus Brice-Bennet, Ash

No 13 (from Nils Jorgensen) 1969/70
No 14 (from Nils Jorgensen) 1969/70
No 15 (from Nils Jorgensen) 1969/70
No 16 (from Nils Jorgensen) 1969/70
No 17 (from Nils Jorgensen) 1969/70
No 18 (from Nils Jorgensen) 1969/70
No 19 (from Nils Jorgensen) 1969/70
No 20 (from Donald MacFarlane) 1965

Ian MacFarlane, Sean O'Connel