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Or this ? According to Norman Senior, in an email 27th August 2001, this is a photo of Nazir Sunderji. Thanks Norman!

However, Nazir Sunderji himself emailed me on 23rd October to say that he's pretty sure that the chap in the picture is Mohamed Tejpar - now a doctor practicing in the U.S. It took about 2 months for that development. Maybe in another 2 months Mohamed will write to confirm that it is indeed him in the photo. However, Nazir, on seeing the clearer picture thinks it is really Rodderick Watson!

Mike Paterson in an email of 15th January 2002 identifies him as Roderick Watson. Mike also has an identity for Photo 2, but will leave it to the the fellow himself to come forward.
..... (a year passes, nothing happens) 6th Nov 02, Nadia is definite: It's Roderick Watson

If you want to check out the details in the background,
there's a larger version of the picture here

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