Henderson House

Here’s a photo of Henderson House in 1961, kindly fowarded to me by Nadia.
John Scragg has an amazing indelible memory. He has named everyone in the photo.
(Email From John Scragg, Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002)
The pupils etc in the Hembair Henderson house pic are:
Top row:
R Pearson, Bannister,Jerzy Krotiuk, Steven Cyster, David Yarwood, D Ulyate, Efraim Madeje, Tim Vincent, Elias Spyron
Below that:
R Somji, Alan G Langley ('Nulla'), Sean Golby, Brian Richardson (Tichcob), Logothetis, Joannides, George Papadopoulos, (?)Von Mutius, Wehrner Friedrich Wilhelm Linke, M Mzese, J Griffiths
Next row:
John Scragg, Peter Slee , Matron Miss J Palmer, Mr G B Hall, Mr D R Henderson, Mr W J Hickman, Mr R W Charles, John Coutouvides, John Lanchbery, A (Tony) Picridas,
Bottom row:
Ananda Siresena, D Kamuhanda, Godsky Silwani, T Nyalika, D D'Silva, S Hemraj, C Reuben, M Osiro
Members of house not present:
Eric Six, Victor Boddy, Nick Croft, Kenneth King-Smith, John Nsibu, Moh'd S Lipaki, D Mgaya, A Mwakalinga
How's that!
Might have one or two other pics to send

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