Sixteenth Annual East African Schools' Picnic - Lane Cove River National Park, Sydney, Australia, 25 October 2015

This year we continued the unbroken tradition of meeting up with of former East Africans and their close associates in a picnic atmosphere Lane Cove River National Park.

As in the past we had a mix of old stalwarts and new attendees. At the end of the picnic we were all rafikis no matter which particular school (s) we attended.

This picnic cum barbeque is generally held on the 4th Sunday in October at the same venue ie the shed at 4 Illoura (come rain or shine) located at the Lane Cove River National Park in Sydney. I usually e-mail out a notice about a month before the event. So if I do not have your e-mail address or you have changed it recently please feel welcome to contact me: Dave Lichtenstein via my e-mail address:

Once again mingi asante sanas to my Tanganyikan rafiki and regular attendee (but not so this year) Nick Croft (St Michael's & St George's, Iringa) for hosting these photos on his Web site.

For previous picnics please refer to

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Kampala Primary: Margaret Knowlden (Boase), Sheila Whyte (Waddicar)

Victoria Nile, Jinja: Andrew Vessey-Wells

Kitale Primary School: : Dorothy Wright (Wain)

Highlands School, Eldoret: Sheila Whyte (Waddicar)

Hill School, Eldoret: Mike Barrett ('44-'48), Sheila Whyte (Waddicar '48-'51), Andy Vesey-Wells (’50-’56), Dave Lichtenstein (’50-’56),

Kaptagat Prep: Linda Stewart (Roberts)

Loreto Lumbwa: Margaret Knowlden (Boase)

Kericho Primary: Peter Harman

Nakuru School: Guy Hollows, Jennifer Johnson (Johnston), Tony Kropach

Thomsons Fall Primary: Hanne Payne (Schlichtrull)

Nairobi Primary: “Small” Downer (McFarland), Sheila Whyte (Waddicar), missing from photo shoot but present at the picnic Jennifer Johnson (Johnston)

Limuru Girls School : Hanne Payne (Schlichtrull)

Loreto Msongari, Nairobi: Margaret Knowlden (Boase), Jennifer Johnson (Johnston), Bridget Miall

Kenya High School, Nairobi: Karin Blowers (Drews), Margaret Knowlden (Boase), Jennifer Johnson (Johnston), Dorothy Wright (Wain), “Small” Downer (McFarland)

Prince of Wales School, Nairobi: Roger Phipps, Ted Downer

Duke of York School, Nairobi: Dave Lichtenstein (Delamere, '57-'60), Mike Barrett (Lugard '49-'54), Guy Hallowes (Thomson '55-59), Tony Kropach (Thomson '56-'60), Peter Harman (Kirk '63-'68), Andy Vesey-Wells (Speke '57-'60)

Mrs Havelock's Nursery School, Riverside Drive, Nairobi: Philip Blowers

Mombasa Primary: Hanne Payne (Schlichtrull)

Loreto Convent - Mombasa: Hanne Payne (Schlichtrull)

Arusha Primary: Karin Blowers (Drews)

St Michael's, Soni: Bill Allen

St Marys - Nsumba: Bill Allen

St Marys - Nyegezi: Bill Allen

St Michael's & St George's, Iringa: Bill Allen

Non-EA Schoolers : Rose Ann Lichtenstein, Amanda Allen, Frances Phipps, ? Stewart, Ann Turner, John Johnson, Keith Wright