Fifteenth Annual East African Schools' Picnic - Lane Cove River National Park, Sydney, Australia 26 October 2014

This year we celebrated another milestone - fifteen years of former East Africans and their close associates meeting up at the Lane Cove River National Park for a picnic cum barbeque. While we celebrate this milestone it is incumbent on us to reflect upon those picnickers no longer with us. A photo tribute to them is shown below after the attendee photos.

As in the past we had a mix of old stalwarts and new attendees. And as there seems to be a continuing demand for such an event I will endeavour to continue to organise this on an annual basis. Accordingly, this picnic is held on the 4th Sunday in October at the same venue ie the shed at 4 Illoura (come rain or shine) located at the Lane Cove River National Park in Sydney. I generally e-mail out a notice about a month before the event. So if I do not have your e-mail address or you have changed it recently please feel welcome to contact me: Dave Lichtenstein via my e-mail address:

Once again mingi asante sanas to my Tanganyikan rafiki and regular attendee Nick Croft (St Michael's & St George's, Iringa) for hosting these photos on his Web site.

For previous picnics please refer to

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Entebbe Primary: Judy Houlton (Maughan)

Kampala Primary: Margaret Knowlden (Boase)

Victoria Nile, Jinja: : Andrew Vessey-Wells

Loreto Convert - Eldoret: Mary-Jean Brill (Allen)

Hill School, Eldoret: Dave Lichtenstein (’50-’56), Mike Barrett (’44-’48),Andy Vesey-Wells (’50-’56), Judy Houlton (Maughan ’50-’54), Ben Christie (’47-’50),

Loreto Lumbwa: Margaret Knowlden (Boase)

Nakuru School: Jennifer Johnson (Johnston)

Rift Valley Academy: Ben Christie

Thomsons Fall Primary: Martin Taylor, Hanne Payne (Schlichtrull)

Nairobi Primary: Nairobi Primary: “Small” Downer (McFarland), Eve Christie (Payne), Jennifer Johnson (Johnston)

Kilimani Primary: Martin Taylor, Gerry Moulinie

Woodley Primary, Nairobi : Gerry Moulinie

Limuru Girls School: Hanne Payne (Schlichtrull)

Kenya High School, Nairobi: Margaret Knowlden (Boase), “Small”Downer (McFarland), Jennifer Johnson (Johnston) Judy Houlton (Maughan)

Loreto Msongari, Nairobi: Margaret Knowlden (Boase), Jennifer Johnson (Johnston)

Prince of Wales School, Nairobi: Gerry Moulinie, Ben Christie, Ted Downer,

Duke of York School, Nairobi: Duke of York School, Nairobi: Mike Barrett (Lugard '49-'54), Andy Vesey-Wells (Speke '57-'60)Nick Dave Lichtenstein (Delamere, '57-'60), Tim Wynn-Jones (Mitchell '49-50), Martin Taylor (Delamere '57-'59)

Delamere Boys High School, Nairobi: Gerry Moulinie

Mombasa Primary: Hanne Payne (Schlichtrull)

Loreto Convent - Mombasa: Hanne Payne (Schlichtrull)

Arusha Primary: Libby Wilson (Gelding), Ben Christie, Tim Wynn-Jones, Elizabeth Newman (Pearson),

Greek School, Moshi: Ben Christie

St Michael's, Soni: Bill Allen

Lushoto Primary: Rod Lyons

St Michael's & St George's, Iringa: Charis Radford (Feuerheerd), Nick Croft, Libby Wilson (Gelding), Bill Allen, Elizabeth Newman (Pearson)

Kongwa School: Libby Wilson (Gelding), Graeme Maclean,
Elizabeth Newman (Pearson)

Dodoma: Elizabeth Newman (Pearson)

Southern Highlands: Mary-Jean Brill (Allen)

Temple College, Nairobi: “Small” Downer (McFarland), Eve Christie (Payne)

Non-EA School Attendees: John Johnson, Rose Ann Lichtenstein, Sandy Brill, Amanda Allen, Kate Croft, Diana Moulinie (present but missing from photo shoot: Brian Houlton)

Picnickers — R.I.P

Sue Ralphs (nee Lloyd) Arusha Primary School, Highlands School Eldoret:

Brian Turner Parklands Primary School, Nairobi; Hill School, Eldoret; Prince of Wales School, Nairobi.

Brian Adam - Parklands Primary School, Nairobi; Hill School, Eldoret; Prince of Wales School, Nairobi

Jan van Someren Graver - Lushoto Primary School; Greensteds School, Nakuru; St Christopher’s/Beehive School, Nanyuki; Prince of Wales School, Nairobi.

Roy Cordell - Hill School Eldoret; Prince of Wales School, Nairobi

Michael Elphick - St Mary's School, Nairobi

Carey Eaton:: Cavina School, Nairobi Hill Crest School, Nairobi