Eleventh Annual East African Schools' Picnic - Lane Cove River National Park, Sydney, Australia
24 October 2010

This year we celebrated our tenth anniversary (or eleventh annual consecutive) All East African Schools picnic at the same venue where past picnics had been held namely the Lane Cove River National Park in Sydney. Regrettably (as experienced last year when we celebrated our tenth consecutive annual picnic), despite this mile stone event the weather forecast for this Sunday was always supposed to be a rainy day so not surprisingly a number of folk did not attend. However, despite the weather and because the shed at 4 Illoura (our target venue) had been commandeered by yours truly, we had a remarkably good turnout of both old stalwarts and new faces - some of them coming from as far afield as Ulaya. By my reckoning there were nearly 60 in attendance.

Jerry Cox has sent in a short video of the picnic -- you can download it or watch it on Youtube here.

Once again mingi asante sanas to my Tanganyikan rafiki Nick Croft (St Michael's & St George's, Iringa) for hosting these photos on his Web site.

For previous picnics please refer to http://xjcs.org/eastafricans.org/picnics

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Masaka: Graham Newlove

Kampala Primary: Graham Newlove, Mike Lazar, Margaret Knowlden (Boase)

Victoria Nile Primary, Jinja: Keith Wilson, Andy Vesey-Wells

Kitale Primary: Dorothy Wright (Wain)

Loreto Convent, Eldoret: Mary-Jean Brill (Allen),
Jessica Goby (Bird)

Hill School, Eldoret: Dave Lichtenstein ('50-'56), Andy Vesey-Wells ('50-'56), Ben Christie ('47-'50), Judy Houlton (nee Maughan '50-'54), Mike Barrett ('44-'48), Keith Wilson ('48-'54)

Kaptagat Preparatory School: Graham Newlove, Mike Lazar

Kericho Primary: Peter Harman (absent for photo shoot)

Nakuru Primary: Nick Bald, David Robinson

Thomsons Falls Primary: Dion Ombler, Martin Taylor

Rift Valley Academy, Kijabe: Ben Christie

Tigone Primary School: John Lovering

Nairobi Primary: John Lovering, John Stanbridge, Diana Stanbridge, Brian Goby, Eve Christie (Payne), “Small” Downer (McFarland), Peter Spitzer, Mike Rose

Parklands Primary, Nairobi: John Stanbridge, Diana Stanbridge, Peter Spitzer, Mike Lazar

Kenton College, Nairobi: Mike Lazar, Peter Barham, Tony Roberts

Westlands Primary, Nairobi: Steve Taylor (absent for photo shoot)

Kilimani Primary, Nairobi: Mike Rose

St Gerorge's Primary, Nairobi: Frank Jordan

Muthaiga Primary, Nairobi: Nick Bald, Helga Spitzer, (Rodseth)

Braeburn, Primary, Nairobi: Trevecca Tiro (Eaton)

Kenya High School, Nairobi: Karin Blowers (Drews), Diana Stanbridge, Helga Spitzer, (Rodseth), , Margaret Knowlden (Boase), “Small” Downer (McFarland), Dorothy Wright (Wain), Judy Houlton (Maughan).

Loreto Msongari, Nairobi: Helga Spitzer, (Rodseth), , Margaret Knowlden (Boase)

Loreto Valley Road: Jessica Goby (Bird)

Prince of Wales Prince School, Nairobi: John Stanbridge, Peter Spitzer, Dion Ombler, Mike Rose, Ted Downer, Ben Christie, David Robinson Steve Taylor (absent for photo shoot)

Duke of York School, Nairobi: L-r: front row: Nick Bald (Grogan, `62-`65), John Lovering (Speke, `64-`65), Andy Vesey-Wells (Speke, '57-'60), Dave Lichtenstein (Delamere, '57-'60), Tony Roberts (Delamere, '52-'57), Keith Wilson (Delamere, `55-'59), back row: Tim Wynn-Jones (Mitchell, '49-`51), Mike Barrett (Lugard, '49-`54), Martin Taylor (Delamere, `57-'59), Frank Jordan (Eliot, `58-`62), Peter Harman (Kirk, `63-'68), Jerry Cox (Mitchell, `50-`54), Peter Barham (Kirk, `51-`56)

St Mary's, Nairobi: Mike Lazar, Mike McDonald, Michael Elphick

Hillcrest Secondary School: Trevecca Tiro (Eaton)

Mombasa Primary: Steve Taylor (absent for photo shoot)

Arusha Primary: Ben Christie, Tim Wynn-Jones, Karin Blowers (Drews), Brian Goby, Jessica Goby (Bird), Tony Roberts

Lushoto Primary: Rod Lyons, Brian Goby

St Michael's, Soni: Bill Allen

Kongwa School: Graeme Maclean

St Michael's  St George's, Iringa: Bill Allen, Nick Croft

Southern Highlands: Mary-Jean Brill (Allen)

Mbeya School: Jerry Cox

Non-EA Schools attendees: L-r: Sandy Brill, Kate Croft, Eve Christie, Peter Syred, Sally Barham, Leah Bald, ?? , Diana Wilson, Her friend - ( ?? ), Amanda Allen, (front) Sue Rose, ? McDonald, Rosemary Ombler, Brian Houlton, Ann Turner, Rose Ann Lichtenstein, Keith Wright.
Absent: David Taylor, Orion Leppan-Taylor
L-r: front row: Kate Croft, Sally Barham, Diana Wilson (her friend - name?), Sue Rose, middle row: Eve Christie; Leah Bald, ??, Amanda Allen, ,? McDonald, June Cox, Ann Turner, Rose Ann Lichtenstein , Keith Wright, Sandy Brill, Peter Syred, Brian Houlton (absent), David Taylor (absent), Orion Leppan-Taylor (absent)