Ninth Annual East African Schools' Picnic - Lane Cove River National Park, Sydney, Australia
26 October 2008

This year the picnic was held at the Lane Cove River National Park on the fourth Sunday of October to coincide with the global Kenya Regiment reunion which had concluded in Perth on the third Sunday. We were pleased that a number of these attendees including overseas visitors were able to join us for the day. One of them even still resides in Kenya. Given the success of our continuing to attract a mixture of new faces and "old" stalwarts, and with no other clashes with foreseeable major Sydney events, it would seem that the 4th Sunday (where hopefully the weather is more settled) will become our annual picnic day. So here is to a record turnout next year when we celebrate 10 consecutive years of picnics for those who attended school in East Africa together with their wives, husbands, partners etc. If you have only attended once over the last nine years why not make it at least two for the 10th anniversary year! And equally we certainly welcome those who have never attended!!

Once again mingi asante sanas to my Tanganyikan rafiki Nick Croft (St Michael's & St George's, Iringa) for hosting these photos on his Web site.

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VictoriaNile Primary, Jinja: Andy Vesey-Wells

Kitale Primary: Doroth Wright (Wain)

Eldoret Primary (Central/Highlands School) : John Cheshire

Loreto Convent, Eldoret : Jessica Goby (Bird), John Cheshire, Mary Rooken-Smith (Foster)

Hill School, Eldoret: Dave Lichtenstein ('50-'56), Andy Vesey-Wells ('50-'56), Roy Cordell ('51-'55), Ben Christie ('47-'50), Mike Barrett ('44-'48)

Kaptagat Preparatory School: Jessica Goby (Bird), Mary Rooken-Smith (Foster)

St George's, Molo: Mary Rooken-Smith (Foster)

St Andrews, Turi: Trudi Cheshire (Levet), Basil Riegels

Nakuru Primary: Don Rooken-Smith, Jennifer Johnson (Johnston), Rob Ryan, David Robinson

Greensteds, Nakuru: George McKnight

Rift Valley Academy, Kijabe: Ben Christie

Thomsons Falls Primary: Trudi Cheshire (Levet), Hanne Payne (Schlichtkrull), Dion Ombler

St Christopher's Beehive, Nanyuki: Rob Ryan

Nairobi Primary: Mike Rose, Brian Goby, Eve Christie, Basil Riegels, Peter Spitzer, Jennifer Johnson (Johnston), "Small" Downer (McFarland), Christine Hart (Johnston), John Hensher, Diana Stanbridge, John Stanbridge

Parklands Primary, Nairobi: Peter Spitzer, Diana Stanbridge, Jennifer Johnson (Johnston), John Stanbridge, John Hensher

Westlands Primary, Nairobi: Steve Taylor

Kilimani Primary, Nairobi: Mike Rose, Rob Goodwill

Kenton College, Nairobi: Rob Goodwill, Nigel Prebble

Muthaiga Primary, Nairobi: Helga Spitzer (Rodseth)

The Banda School, Nairobi: Lorna Andrews

Riverside Nursery School, Nairobi: Philip Blowers

Limuru Girls School: Hanne Payne (Schlichtkrull)

Loreto Msongari, Nairobi: Jennifer Johnson (Johnston), Helga Spitzer (Rodseth)

Loreto Valley Road, Nairobi:   Jessica Goby (Bird)

Kenya High School, Nairobi: Diana Stanbridge, Jennifer Johnson (Johnston), Trudi Cheshire (Levet), "Small" Downer (McFarland), Sandi Consadine (Mellon), Dorothy Wright (Wain), Helga Spitzer (Rodseth), Christine Hart (Johnson), Karin Blowers (Drews),

Prince of Wales School, Nairobi: Mike Rose, Peter Spitzer, Roy Cordell, Ben Christie, Rob Ryan, John Stanbridge, Dion Ombler, John Cheshire, David Robinson, Ted Downer, George McKnight, Steve Taylor,

Duke of York School, Nairobi: Basil Riegels (Mitchell, '50-'54), Tim Wynn-Jones (Mitchell, '49-`51), Bryan Mellon (Speke, '55-`58), Richard Mellon (Speke, '67-`68) Nigel Prebble (Delamere, '60-`63) Jerry Cox (Mitchell, '50-'54), Don Rooken-Smith (Kirk, '49-`53), Andy Vesey-Wells (Speke, '57-'60), Dave Lichtenstein (Delamere, '57-'60), Mike Barrett (Lugard, '49-`54)

Founding Yorkists Reunited: Don Rooken-Smith (Kenya), Tim Wynn-Jones (Tanganyika), Mike Barrett (Uganda)

St Mary's, Nairobi: Rob Ryan, David Pedder

Delamere High Boys School, Nairobi: John Hensher

Mombasa Primary: Steve Taylor, Bryan Mellon, Basil Riegels, Richard Mellon, Sandi Consadine (Mellon) , Rob Goodwill, Hanne Payne (Schlichtkrull)

Arusha Primary: Brian Goby, Tim Wynn-Jones Karin Blowers (Drews), Ben Christie, Jessica Goby (Bird)

Lushoto Primary: Brian Goby, Rod Lyons

St Michael's, Soni: Bill Allen, Rob Goodwill

St Michael's & St George's, Iringa: Brian Goby, Bill Allen, Nick Croft

Mbeya: Jerry Cox

Egerton Agricultural College, Njoro: John Cheshire

Temple Bar Secretarial College, Nairobi: "Small" Downer, Eve Christie

Kenya Regiment: Roy Cordell (KR7265), Ben Christie (KR 4804), Peter Spitzer (KR 7396), Jerry Cox (KR6082), Don Rooken-Smith (KR 4969), John Cheshire (KR 3664), Ted Downer (KR4253), George McKnight (KR 4246)

Kenya Police: Keith Wright, Ben Christie, Jerry Cox


Non-EA Schools attendees: Kate Croft, Jenny Taylor, Amanda Allen, Eve Christie, Rose Ann Lichtenstein, Jenny Riegels, ? Cox, ??, ??, Sue Rose, ? Mellon, Carol Cordell, ??, ??