Eighth Annual East African Schools' Picnic - Lane Cove River National Park, Sydney, Australia
21 October 2007

Another successful picnic was held at the Lane Cove River National Park on the third Sunday of October (which for the time being remains our annual picnic day). The picnic seems to continue to attract a mixture of new faces and “old” stalwarts.

Once again “mingi asante sanas” to my Tanganyikan “rafiki” Nick Croft (St Michael's & St George's, Iringa) for hosting these photos on his Web site.

For previous picnics please refer to http://eastafricans.org/picnics

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Kampala Primary: Margaret Knowlden (Boase)

Kitale Primary: Doroth Wright (Wain), Joanna Pickford

Eldoret Primary (Central/Highlands School): John Cheshire

Loreto Convent, Eldoret: John Cheshire, Joanna Pickford

Hill School, Eldoret: Andy Vesey-Wells, Dave Lichtenstein, Ben Christie, Roy Cordell

St Andrews, Turi: Peter White, Basil Riegels, Trudie Cheshire (Levet)

Nakuru Primary: Richard Tredget, Nick Bald, Jennifer Johnson (Johnston)

Greensteds, Nakuru: Jan van Someren Graver

Pembroke House, Gilgil: Peter White, Andrew Orme-Smith

Thomsons Falls Primary, Nairobi: Trudi Cheshire (Levet)

St Christopher’s Beehive, Nanyuki: Jan van Someren Graver

Nairobi Primary: Basil Riegels, Richard Tredget, Mike Rose, Jennifer Johnson (Johnston)

Parklands Primary, Nairobi: Carel Fillmer

Westlands Primary, Nairobi: Steve Taylor

Kilimani Primary, Nairobi: Mike Rose, Gerry Moulinie

Woodley Primary, Nairobi: Gerry Moulinie

Muthaiga Primary: Nick Bald

Kenya High School, Nairobi: Dorothy Wright (Wain), Margaret Knowlden (Boase), Karin Blowers (Drews), Trudi Cheshire (Levet), Jennifer Johnson (Johnston)

Loreto Convent, Msongari (Nairobi): Bridget Miall (Coombe), Margaret Knowlden (Boase), Jennifer Johnson (Johnston)

Prince of Wales School, Nairobi: Jan van Someren Graver, Mike Rose, Gerry Moulinie, Steve Taylor, Roy Cordell, Ben Christie, John Cheshire

Duke of York School, Nairobi: Richard Tredget (Lugard, ’55-’58), Nick Bald (Grogan, ’65), Peter Kinnell (Thomson/James, ’56-’61), Peter White (Kirk, ’56-’61), Basil Riegels (Mitchell, ’50-’54), Tim Wynn-Jones (Mitchell ’49-), Andy Vesey-Wells (Speke, ’57-’60), Dave Lichtenstein (Delamere, ’57-’60)

St Mary's, Nairobi: Peter Kinnell, Mike McDonald

Delamere High Boys School, Nairobi: Gerry Moulinie

Mombasa Primary: Basil Riegels, Steve Taylor

Arusha Primary: Karin Blowers (Drews), Tim Wynn-Jones, Ben Christie

Lushoto Primary: Rod Lyons, Jan van Someren Graver


Non-EA Schools attendees: ? Rose, Keith Wright, Rose Ann Lichtenstein, Ann Turner, ??, Leah Bald, Carol Cordell, ? Fillmer, John Jonson, Diana Moulinie, Jenny Riegels