Sixth Annual East African Schools' Picnic - Lane Cove River National Park, Sydney, Australia
23 October 2005

Once again a successful picnic was held at the Lane Cove River National Park on the third Sunday of October.  The fine sunny day brought out our second largest attendance.  Regrettably Bicycle NSW decided to run their annual Sydney Bike ride on the same day.  A number of possible attendees were affected by this including yours truly who also used to use this event as his one and only annual bike ride.  The biking authorities used to run this event in September and then brought it back to November because of the Olympics only to bring it to the third Sunday in October.  This is my protest as this message will be picked up by Google.  Our event is on the third Sunday of October so please move the bike ride back to September where it used to be.

It was also a sad occasion as we remembered the late Brian Turner (ex Parklands Primary School, Hill School, Eldoret and Prince of Wales School, Nairobi) who had attended all previous picnics and indeed had been the force behind such a concept.  Sadly Brian who had organised the fifth annual picnic during my absence in East Africa at the time, passed away during the year.  I also received word that Sue Ralphs, who had lived in Arusha for some time of her life but whom I knew had attended the Highlands School, Eldoret (when it was a girls secondary) had also passed away during the year.  Sue had attended the inaugural picnic driving all the way from Adelaide even though she professed that she did not know anyone at that time attending the picnic. 
Once again my thanks to Nick Croft (St Michael's & St George's, Iringa) for hosting these photos on his Web site even though he could not attend this year.

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Kitale Primary : Dorothy Wright (Wain)

Hill School, Eldoret : Brian Adam ('46-'50), Steve Perrens ('51-'56), Judy Houlton (Maughan - '50-'54), Ben Christie ('47-'50), Dave Lichtenstein ('50-'56), Roy Cordell ('52-'55)

Kaptagat Preparatory School: Steve Perrens, Mike Lazar

St Andrews, Turi: Trudi Cheshire (Levet), Basil Riegels

Nakuru Primary: Peter Armstrong, Jennifer Johnson (Johnston)

Greensteds, Nakuru: Mike Johanson

Pembroke House, Gilgil: Derek Hurt, Philip Owen-Burke

Thomsons Falls Primary: Trudi Cheshire (Levet), Hanne Payne (Schlichtkrull)

Beehive Primary, Nanyuki: Brian Galton-Fenzi

Nairobi Primary: Johm Stanbridge, Robin Swift, Andrew Barnett, "Small" Downer (McFarland), Basil Riegels, Jennifer Johnson (Johnston), Mike Johanson, Mike Rose

Parklands Primary, Nairobi: John Stanbridge, Brian Adam

Westlands Primary, Nairobi: Steve Taylor, Harry Barnett, Russell Taylor

Kilimani Primary, Nairobi: Brian Cable, Mike Rose

Kenton College, Nairobi: Mike Lazar

Banda School, Nairobi: Philip Owen-Burke

Limuru Girls School: Hanne Payne (Schlichtkrull)

Kenya High School, Nairobi: Dorothy Wright, Sue Johanson (Wain), "Small" Downer, Trudi Cheshire (Levet), Jennifer Johnson (Johnston), -Judy Houlton (Maughan)

Loreto Msongari, Nairobi: Jennifer Johnson (Johnston)

St Mary's, Nairobi: Mike Lazar

Duke of York School, Nairobi: Andrew Barnett (James '60-'65), Robin Swift (Kirk '54-'59), Basil Riegels (Mitchell '50-'54), Dave Lichtenstein (Delamere '57-'60), Peter Armstrong (Thomson '52-'56), Steve Perrens (Thomson '57-'62), Brian Cable(Mitchell '58-'61)

Prince of Wales School, Nairobi: Harry Barnett, Brian Adam, Johm Stanbridge, Brian Galton-Fenzi, Steve Taylor, Mike Johanson, John Cheshire, Ben Christie, John Cheshire, Mike Rose, Ted Downer

Mombasa Primary: Steve Taylor, Basil Riegels, Hanne Payne (Schlichtkrull)

Arusha Primary: Ben Christie

St Michael's  St George's, Iringa: Bill Allen, Frances Singleton (Stewart)

Kongwa: Frances Singleton (Stewart), Graeme MacLean

Lushoto Primary School: Rod Lyons, Frances Singleton (Stewart)

Teacher Hillcrest  Brookhouse: Belinda Johanson

Temple Bar Secretarial College, Nairobi: "Small" Downer, Eve Christie

Egerton Agricultural College, Njoro: Peter Armstrong, Sue Johanson (Hessian), John Cheshire

Kenya Regiment: John Cheshire (3664), Ben Christie (4804), Peter Armstrong (6343), Roy Cordell (7265), Brian Adam (4815), Ted Downer (4253)

Kenya Police and Reservists: Ben Christie, Brian Adam, Ted Downer, Keith Wright

Those whose misfortune it was not to attend school in East Africa but whose fortune it was to be associated with some one who was schooled there: Jenny Riegels, Ann Turner, Belinda Johanson, Carol Cordell, Amanda Allen, Eve Christie, Roger Singleton, Jenny Taylor, David Taylor, John Johnson, Keith Wright