Third Annual East African Schools' Picnic - Lane Cove River National Park
20 October 2002

Welcome to the "Front" page which includes school photographs selected in a somewhat random order. To enlarge any photo please click on it. This will take to the "Main" page. Please note that enlarging any photo will entail some time in downloading it. At the "Main" page you have several options including viewing all the "Thumbnail" prints in school alphabetical order. You also have the option of returning to this "Front" page. Enjoy.

My thanks to Nick Croft for hosting these photos on his Web site and also for taking some of them when my camera "kufua'd". Also thanks to "Small" and Ted Downer and Ann and Brian Turner for the remaining photos. For Brian thanks for his inspiration and support for this gathering as well as "arm twisting" me to hold a similar event in a years' time at the same place. So watch this space.

For previous picnics please refer to East African Schools Reunion Picnic 2001

Prince of Wales School, Nairobi. L-R Ben Christie - Grigg early 50's, Brian Adam - Nicholson late 40's, Roy Cordell - Clive late 50's, Ted Downer - Clive late 40's, John Cheshire - Clive early 40's, Brian Turner - Scott late 40's, Mike Johanson - Nicholson late 50's, Alan Francis - Scott late 40's, John Wynn-Jones - Clive late 40's - Missing arrived later Steve Taylor - Scott early 60's

Duke of York School, Nairobi. L-R Peter White (Kirk '56-'61), Martin Taylor (Delamere '57-'59), Dave Lichtenstein (Delamere '57-'60), Daniel Paterson (Eliot '53-'58), Tim Wynn-Jones (Mitchell '49-'51) - Missing arrived later Clive Salzer (Grogan '62-'67)

Arusha Primary School L-R Ian Fraser, Brian Goby, Jessica Goby (Bird), Ben Christie, Karin Blowers (Drews), John Wynn-Jones, Tim Wynn-Jones

St Michael's & St George's Iringa L-R Bill Allen, Ian Fraser, Jean Dart (Mackay), Brian Goby, Nick Croft

Kenya High School, Nairobi L-R Caroline Goosen (Blundell), Dorothy Wright (Wain), Judy Houlton (Maughan) Sue Johanson (Hession), Jennifer Johnson (Johnston), "Small" Downer (McFarland), Trudy Cheshire (Levet), Veronica de Plater (Pfingst), Julia Baldo (Price) - Missing Karin Blowers (Drews)

Kongwa L-R Ian Fraser, Jean Dart (Mackay), Colin Buckley

Hill School, Eldoret L-R Brian Adam ('46'50), Roy Cordell ('52-'55), Dave Lichtenstein ('50-'56), Ben Christie ('47-'50), Judy Houlton (Maughan - '50-'54), Brian Turner ('44-'45)

Loreto Msongari, Nairobi L-R Julia Baldo (Price), Jennifer Johnson (Johnston), Carolinda Witt, Roma Gaster, Caroline Goosen (Blundell), "Trin" Prescott (Wood)

Non-East African Schoolers L-R ?, ?, Keith Wright, Mark de Plater, Eve Christie, Gideon Goosen, ?, Brian Houlton, Daphne Francis, ?, Ann Turner, Rose Ann Lichtenstein, Ted Downer, Amanda Allen,?,?, Willa Wynn-Jones, Carol Cordell - Missing Kate Croft

Nairobi Primary School L-R Mike Johanson, "Small" Downer (McFarland) Carolinda Witt, Jennifer Johnson (Johnston)

Thomsons Falls School L-R Hanne Payne, Trudy Cheshire (Levet), Martin Taylor

St Andrews, Turi L-R Peter White, Trudy Cheshire (Levet), Caroline Goosen (Blundell)

Parklands School, Nairobi L-R Mike Lazar, Alan Francis, Brian Turner

St Mary's School L-R Mike Lazar, John Cronly

Greensteads, Nakuru Mike Johanson

Limuru Girls School Hanne Payne

Kitale School Dorothy Wright (Wain)

Loreto Lumbwa "Trin" Prescott (Wood)

Pembroke House, Gilgil Peter White

Westlands, Nairobi Steve Taylor - Missing arrived later Clive Salzer

Loreto, Eldoret Jessica Goby (Bird), John Cheshire

Lushoto School Rod Lyons

Kilimani, Nairobi Daniel Paterson

Nakuru School L-R Jennifer Johnson (Johnston), Veronica de Plater (Pfingst)

Mombasa Primary Hanne Payne

Central/Highlands (Primary) School, Eldoret John Cheshire

Loreto Mombasa Hanne Payne

Mbeya School Colin Buckley

Oyster Bay School, Dar es Salaam Colin Buckley

St Georges, Nairobi Colin Buckley