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I seem to remember that the classes were divided into boys on the right (from the students perspective) and girls on the left. In the last two years I was at school, I was in the row that was nearest the girls. Nadia Koulikoff was adjacent to me. Irene was behind her, Ineke, Irena and Penny were further back. Baker was next to me on my right.

Nadia and I used to pass comments and notes to each other. And jokes. And if it was time to concentrate, she'd make me do that too.

When my parents decided to keep me at home to study by correspondence, Nadia was the last person I spoke to. I got her autograph, plus a promise to keep in touch ...

Now here we are 40 years later and she's the first Iringan I've spoken to! And the notes and jokes keep coming. And we're still working side by side with our websites.

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