St. Michael's & St.George's School, Iringa - Tanganyika REUNION

Purpose of this page - Reminiscences

St. Michael's & St. George's School, Iringa, Tanzania was founded in 1959 and lasted until 1967.

Of the Europeans students, possibly half were English, and the rest East African settlers, South Africans, Greeks, Italians and Australians. The Asian students were from diverse backgrounds, children of merchants, professionals and civil servants. The Africans came from different areas of Tanganyika.

Since leaving the school we all returned to our origins and there has been little contact since.

This page is being posted to the Web in the hope that any of the old boys and girls or their descendents using a search engine with the word "Iringa" will find it and get in contact.

                        . . .won't be long. . .

There are pages with lists of those names of staff-members, students and houses that we've been able to recall. We hope to add to the list with contributions from others.

There are photo pages as well. Many of my own photos were eaten by cows on the farm, or destroyed by rain. Please send your photos or scans. Then-and-now photos could be interesting.....

Reminiscences are welcome. I've started with a page or two of impressions. Contributions would be appreciated.

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