News Article By Kenneth Ridley, taken from: Tanganyika Standard; Sunday News, March 1st, 1959



“We have made

a good start”


BOARDING schools usually start with a comparatively small number of junior pupils and then gradually grow and expand, annually.

There is no doubt that this method of opening a residential school is very good. With the closing of St. George's School, Kongwa, and with the large number of pupils leaving the primary schools, St Michael's and St. George's School had to open with nearly 500 pupils in the age group 11 18 years.

This was a stimulating challenge and I am pleased to be able to state the challenge has been met with determination and in a spirit of adventure and co operation between staff and pupils.

The chief queries which parents quite rightly ask are is my child being well taught? Is the food good? Are the children well cared for in their Houses? What about facilities for games and recreations?

I am happy to assure parents on all these points. I am satisfied that we have made a good start to our teaching. Last weekend every pupil was reported on in every subject and some form changes will be made in the light of these reports. The pupils' work will be reviewed every three weeks in this manner, and any slackness will be detected and put right, and children who are doing well will be encouraged to maintain and, if possible, improve their standards.

The food is good, as many of you have probably already heard from your children. In the Houses, the girls and boys have first class accommodation and already the healthy house spirit of loyalty to one's House, and respect and friendliness towards Housemasters and Housemistresses are clearly discernible.

The playing fields are not yet complete, but it has been possible to start organised school games. The boys are playing Rugby football and the first rounds, senior and junior, of the House Leagues have been played.

The girls are playing netball and hockey. The tennis courts will be available for play shortly.

Many societies and clubs have been pupils profitable occupation for their leisure time: Music Society, Dramatic Society, Naturalist and Geographical society, Stamp and illness Clubs, Christian Union, Scouts. Scottish Country Dancing, Craft Guild, Arts and Crafts Club, Gym Club and a Vlth Form Society. The Naturalist Society has made several excursions with staff into the local countryside.

I consider that the School has got off to quite a good start, but a vast amount of pioneer work and development remain to be done. Parents and staff have one common aim - the welfare of the children - and it Is essential for understanding and co operation between us.


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