St. Michael's & St.George's School, Iringa - Tanganyika REUNION

The school cap, sometime in 1960.
St. Michael's & St. George's School, Iringa, Tanzania was founded in 1959 and lasted until 1967.

Of the Europeans students, possibly half were English, and the rest East African settlers, South Africans, Greeks, Italians and Australians. The Asian students were from diverse backgrounds, children of merchants, professionals and civil servants. The Africans came from different areas of Tanganyika.

Since leaving the school many have settled in South Africa, Canada, New Zealand or Australia. Some have stayed on in Tanzania.

This page was originally posted to the Web in late 1999 in the hope that any of the old boys and girls or their descendents using a search engine with the word "Iringa" would find it and get in contact.

The page was unnoticed for some time but eventually people started getting in contact. At the same time Nadia Koulikoff was doing something similar with her site, now relocated to

Both sites work in parallel to attract the attention of ex-students and to share news and information. At least a dozen mini Reunions have been held, and the Great Reunion is being planned for September 2003.

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